About DIV Capital

Our main mandate is to maintain and improve on our ecosystem, and ensure its longevity across generations.

We are DIV Capital, a privately owned single family office based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our intended mission is to grow, and preserve our principal’s wealth through providing personalized investments services, committing to our disciplined methods, and ensuring a forward looking approach.

Our Story

Since 2010, our CEO Hadi Darwiche, has spearheaded  efforts to establish strong partnerships with different investment providers and operating partners. As he progressed in his mission, his passion for investment management alongside his commitment to building value prompted the establishment of DIV Capital in 2016. Today, DIV Capital’s main mandate is to maintain and improve on this ecosystem, and ensure its longevity across generations.

Our Philosophy

The pillars of our philosophy act as a compass that guidesall aspects of our operations, from internal dealings to our investment approach.

Human Capital

In line with our mission and evolving challenges around us, we consider our people to be our main assets. For that reason, we aim to hire talented and experienced individuals that can support our ecosystem and understand our values: loyalty, humility, and excellence.This applies to the partnerships we build across our universe ranging from our investment providers, to our operating partners.


A major factor in achieving our long term objectives is discipline, and we ensure to instill it across our organizations through our approach, processes, and culture. We believe this is especially important as the multitude of opportunities in our investment universe could turn into distractions as we aim to achieve a focus driven approach.


Ensuring we make a positive and lasting impact on the community and environment we operate in is a responsibility we prioritize. In parallel, this corresponds with our investment approach of seeking positive impact investments with long term value creation that can go on across generations.

Our Approach

Operational excellence

To efficiently and consistently translate our strategic visions into positive results, we use our operational capabilities as a prime tool to create value.

Market Insight

We inherit market insight and expertise by conducting a full market screening process through our research tools, and connecting with industry experts from around the globe.

Strategic partnerships

Our partners are a vital component to our ecosystem as they bring in their industry and service expertise to our focused approach.


Governance tools are essential to engrave accountability, transparency, and clarity across our structure; all of which are qualities we deem essential in our culture.

Our Team

In line with our mission and evolving challenges around us, we consider our people to be our main assets.

Hadi Darwiche

CEO and Founder

Hadi founded DIV Capital in 2016 as platform to diversify from the family’s core business in the GCC.

He successfully founded and engaged in several investments across sectors, and geographies.

Previously served as a board member and Deputy General Manager of the family’s core company (1500+ employees) where he successfully optimized operations by introducing a novel ERP and the deployment of IT systems.

Hadi holds an MA in Entrepreneurial Management from European Business School, and a BS in Computer Science from the American University of Beirut.

Tarek El Hajj

Managing Director

9+ years career in financial services industry, with a significant transaction history including capital market transactions, M&A deals, and private placements, across various industries (media, aviation, oil and gas, utilities, technology, confectionary, sports) in various geographies (EMEA, South America, and Southeast Asia).

Most recently, he served as VP of Investment Banking at an Abu Dhabi based regional bank, where he initiated the desk as part of the Global Markets department.

Previously, Tarek served as Manager of Structured Finance desk at a Beirut based asset management firm, where he gained experience in a wide range of structured products, and created the first index fund for the firm.

Tarek holds an MBA from IE Business School, MSc International Management for MENA from SOAS, and Bachelor in Business Administration with a finance emphasis from the American University of Beirut.

Karl Khalil

Investment Associate

6+ years career in financial services industry, with a relevant experience in publicly traded equities and derivatives across various sectors, namely in the US.Most recently, Karl served as a senior investment advisor for a family office in Lebanon, where he initiated the setup of its operations. Previously, he served as a Senior Investment Analyst at a Beirut based asset management firm where he focused on capital markets research and trading duties.

Karl holds a Bachelor in Business Administration with a finance emphasis form the American University of Beirut.

Farah Yaghi Kordab

Office Manager

9 years career in administrative and sales functions across several industries including media, logistics and insurance with top regional and local companies.

Farah Holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, and an MBA from American University of Science & Technology

Aya Al Mougharbel

Financial Analyst

5+ years career in accounting functions across several industries including alternative energy, retail, and confectionary.

Aya holds  a Bachelor in Accounting & Auditing from Lebanese University, and has recently passed her CFA level III.

Valeria Harb

Administrative Assistant

Previous experience in administration, translation, and editing in the food and beverage, and publishing industries.

Valeria holds a BA in Translation from USJ, a Masters degree in International Commercial Negotiation from Lebanese University. Passionate about languages and proficient in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and German.

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